Vitamins, Reinvented.

No pills. Better ingredients. Delivered to your door.


What Is Tespo?

Tespo is a complete approach to vitamins and supplements. Our system is ideal for people those that don’t like pills, want quality products, or have difficulty remembering to take their supplements each day. We offer a complete line of vitamins and supplements that come in 31 serving pods, and one smart dispenser works for the whole family.

You can’t absorb what you don’t take.

31 servings per pod means 1 pod per month.

One dispenser works for all of your household’s pods.

Traveling? Take Tespo on the road with Tespo-Go.

Don’t like it? Return it. We offer a full money back guarantee.

Earth friendly. Tespo-Pods are completely recyclable.

This Is The Tespo System.

Think of the Tespo-Dispenser like a single-serve coffee maker. You fill the water tank, load in your Tespo-Pod and push the “go” button. Tespo then expertly crafts each serving of your daily vitamin mix with the precise amount of water and stirs it all together to give you the perfect liquid blend of vitamins and nutrients. All without the mess, the hassle or the inconvenience of pills.

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This Is The Tespo Vitamin & Supplement Line

We formulate our products with premium-grade powder ingredients, utilizing no fillers or manufacturing agents. Each product is formulated based on what the body needs – not what the manufacturing pill process needs.

31 servings per pod. Recyclable. Delivered to your door.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I just finished my first thirty days and my results from my doctor said that my chemistry profile proves that this works! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Never been happier than I am now! By far the best investment is to invest in yourself and you can do that by getting Tespo!– John Fields (Facebook)

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This Is The Tespo-Go.

We get it, life is busy. Whether on vacation, headed to work or the gym, we heard from customers that they wanted to take Tespo with them. So we used that feedback to develop the Tespo-Go. Simply pop your pod out of your Tespo-Dispenser and into the Tespo-Go. It punctures the pods in the same way that the dispenser does; meaning when you put your pod back in the dispenser, it will pick up where you left off and recognize how many unused servings remain. Tespo-Go means you never have to leave home without Tespo.

Yes! Your Tespo-Dispenser will be shipped with a Tespo-Go. But you can buy them individually as well.
Tespo-Go was created for people who would like to bring their Tespo vitamins with them on the road. It’s a manual way to puncture and dispense your Tespo vitamins.
Tespo-Go punctures each serving of your Tespo-Pod in the same way that the Tespo-Dispenser does. This means when you place your pod back into the dispenser, it knows exactly where you left off.
Sure! We think that the Tespo-Dispenser is the best way to take, mix and manage your daily vitamin routine. But if you’d simply like to try the system without the dispenser, Tespo-Go is a great way to get started.
Tespo-Go works with all of our Tespo-Pods and is only $20. Shop products and accessories here!
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Why Tespo?


Through our proprietary filling methods, we are able to fill each of the 31 pods on your Tespo-Pod with simple, clean ingredients. As we’ve said before, no need for binding agents, fillers or anything artificial.


No more pill bottles or stick packs or trying to remember if you’ve taken your vitamins. No more running out of vitamins until you can get to the store to buy more. Your entire month of vitamins can fit in the palm of your hand and is delivered to your door.


We’ve reduced the amount of packing materials, eliminated fillers and removed the need for pill bottles completely. This means we can pass those savings onto you with premium quality vitamins for only $1/day.


In every shipment of Tespo-Pods we include a return label. Why? Because your Tespo Pods are 100% recyclable. Simply send them back to us and we’ll take care of the rest so you can feel good about helping the planet.

What Makes Us Great?

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    Not all vitamins and minerals are created equal. Tespo uses only premium ingredients in their most desirable form.

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    The Tespo dispenser is smart. It will adjust water levels and mixing times, depending on the pod. It will keep track of how many servings you’ve used and when it’s time for a new pod.

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    With the Tespo subscription, Tespo will send your vitamins to you on a monthly basis. Let us do the remembering for you. No more stores. No more running out of vitamins. No more excuses.

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    There is only one button on the Tespo dispenser. It’s the “GO” button. That’s all you have to press each day. There is no “on” or “off” switch or programming needed. It’s that easy.

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    Remembering to take your vitamins has never been easier. Your Tespo dispenser knows the number of servings you have left in each pod and with the Tespo subscription you’ll never run out.

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    Take away the pill and there’s room for improved and clean ingredients that are easy to drink and easy to absorb.

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    No fillers or manufacturing agents means no more upset stomachs. Tespo formulas are easy to swallow and easy for your body to process.

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    Tespo formulas contain no artificial flavors, colors or sugar. We use natural flavorings and organic Stevia.

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    You can’t absorb what you don’t take and Tespo helps you to remember to take your nutrients – every day. Also, certain nutrients like Vitamins C and B are better absorbed as a liquid when compared to pills or tablets.

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    Our reviews speak for themselves. “My kids love it”, “simple to use”, “my health buddy” and “daily reminder” are just a few of our accolades.



Try it risk-free with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the taste, the convenience, the benefits, or heck even the color, simply send it back.