Why didn’t we just create a better pill?

We thought you’d never ask.

What’s the Issue With Pills?:

Here at Tespo, we simply believe in the necessity of vitamins and also the quality of the ingredients they contain.


Pills, by nature, require manufacturers to mix up the good, active ingredients with a whole lot of unpronounceable, inactive ingredients. Why? Well, a pill needs to look like a pill (and fit in a pill.)

In fact, did you know that in some cases, as much as 50% of a traditional vitamin can be made up of unhealthy fillers?

A lot has changed in the last hundred years – but vitamins, well, that’s an industry that’s refused to adapt.

Until now.


Why Pods Work

Five years ago, we set out on a mission to craft a cleaner vitamin. What we discovered was that this wasn’t simply possible with the current delivery methods and technology. So we developed our own – the Tespo Pods.

Our vitamins never go through pill processing – ever. This means that we are able to deliver raw powder ingredients that are sealed fresh and ready to consume at the push of a button.

Ingredients Glossary