Meet the Tespo Connect Experience

This compact, wifi-connected vitamin dispenser provides you and your family with the nutritional goodness you need, while our app and rewards program gives you the power track and earn anytime, anywhere.

The Dispenser


Wi-Fi connectivity for tracking each serving and app integration


The App


Mobile app integration to log compliance and set reminders


The Rewards


Revolutionary rewards program that pays you for each serving

Tespo Connect

Gen. 2 Dispenser


How to Use

Just add water to the tank, insert your pod and watch your formula dispenser right before your eyes.


How to Connect

Unbox and plug in your new arrival. Download the Tespo Mobile App to sync your dispenser.

Get the App

How to Earn

We'll pay you for every serving dispensed (seriously).

Get Your Rewards

Fast Facts

I have the Gen 1 Tespo Dispenser, do I need the Tespo Connect?

If you want to take advantage of Tespo Rewards, the mobile app integration, or buy our new products that require a larger pod like Tespo Personalized and Tespo Prenatal — then yes!

How do I connect my dispenser?

Simply follow the instructions that come in the box. You will need access to a Wi-Fi network and the Tespo mobile app.

How much does the Tespo Connect cost?

The Tespo Connect will retail for $149. You can redeem your early bird special by filling out the form below.


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