Tespo® Connect Vitamin Dispenser

The Tespo® Dispenser is what makes clean vitamins possible – simply insert your vitamin pod and push GO.

The Tespo Dispenser intelligently handles water ratios & mix times based on the specific pod you have inserted – ensuring a consistently good, freshly mixed liquid vitamin each and every time.

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Key Benefits

The Tespo Dispenser freshly liquifies your vitamins at the push of a button. But it doesn't stop there it also:

Manages proper dosing 
Calculates servings remaining
Reminds you to take your vitamins
Perfectly mixes your vitamins
Tracks your intake
Serves up vitamins in a 4oz serving cup

The Ecosystem

A dispenser, some pods, and an app – oh my.
The Tespo® Dispenser is the central hub of your new vitamin ecosystem. It connects to your WiFi and the Tespo® App to keep you on track with your health goals.

Connected to your home, your phone & your well-being.

Download the Tespo Health app

Connect your dispenser in the Tespo companion app to track compliance, receive daily reminders, and more! It’s perfect for just you, or the entire family.

Simple, One Button Operation

Incredibly intelligent yet incredibly simple.

The Tespo® Dispenser automatically measures water levels, scans your pods, reminds you to take your vitamins and freshly mixes the perfect liquid vitamin each and every time.

Incredibly Convenient

Everything you need to get started.

Your Tespo® Dispenser comes pre-packaged with a free cup (for drinking your vitamins) and a free Tespo-Go (for taking your vitamins on the road).
“Love my Tespo! I had WAS, and Tespo made it easy to take all my vitamins. I now have my mother-in-law and husband taking the multivitamins, as well. I highly recommend Tespo to anyone that hates taking pills or has a hard time swallowing pills like myself. This is a diamond in the rough. Thanks Tespo!”

Peace of Mind

Don't worry, be healthy. Tespo offers a 30 day risk-free guarantee.

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