Tespo Dispenser

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The Tespo Dispenser provides a better way to take vitamins at home. In the box, you’ll get: 1 dispenser, 1 cup, 1 power cord, and one Tespo Go for taking your vitamins on-the-go.

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Built For Simplicity

Drop in your Tespo Pod, press the button, watch the magic happen, and drink up. Cheers!

Tespo Dispenser Is Smart

We automatically adjust the water amount and mix times based on the vitamins you’re taking. The result? An easy-to-take, delicious liquid shot.

Designed To Be Discrete

The Tespo Dispenser holds three extra pods so that you don’t have to worry about more clutter on your kitchen counter.

Fits all Tespo Pods

It’s easy to swap vitamin pods so that your entire family can can enjoy Tespo whenever it’s convenient.

“I love my Tespo Vitamins Dispenser. It is really super cool and so easy to use. I feel better since taking the women’s multivitamin and it tastes like Tang!…”

-Dana R.

“Just got my Tespo. Set it up and took my first dose last night. LOVE IT!!! Way better than taking a million pills. And, I ordered the women’s formula and the bariatric formula. So now I don’t have to take chewables and other stuff…”

-Jane K.

“I absolutely love my Tespo! I usually get extreme nausea from my bariatric vitamins, but with the Tespo I feel GREAT! No more nausea, no more horse pills, no more taking pills 5 times a day! Thank you Tespo!”

-Naomi R.