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The second generation Tespo Dispenser is the latest innovation, premium in-home vitamin dispenser. This compact device offers Wi-Fi connectivity to the Tespo Mobile App, allowing you to track you or your family’s nutrition anytime, anywhere.


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Meet Tespo Connect

Key Features

  • Compatibility

    Supports both 1.0 Pods and newer, larger 2.0 pods.

  • Quieter

    Quieter operation for a subtler experience.

  • Stacked Pods

    Shelf-less pod storage to fit three 1.0 Pods, two 2.0 pods, or one 1.0 pod + one 2.0 pod.

  • WiFi Connected

    Uses LED lights to display Wi-Fi connectivity, water level, and remaining servings.

  • Earn Rewards

    Taking your vitamins is important. That why we pay you for every serving you take. Connect your Dispenser and App and earn $50 in Tespo Credit, instantly.

      The System

      Meet the most innovative approach to premium nutrition, in the history of vitamins. Seriously. We’ve stripped our vitamins, removing GMOs, fillers, binders and preservatives, to bring you only what you need, and nothing that you don’t.

      The Pods

      Our innovative vitamin pods offer you the cleanest, easiest-to-consume product with more bioavailability than traditional pills.

      The App

      We know how important it is to take your vitamins and be consistent. That’s why we pay you for every button you push and every serving you take, thanks to our wifi-connected dispenser and mobile app.

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