Meet Tespo Prenatal

Let’s face it, motherhood is hard, but pregnancy doesn’t have to be. Our comprehensive prenatal formula supports from the inside out, nurturing from within thanks to key vitmains and minerals supporting healthy brain, heart and fetal development. Welcome to the new prenatal. No horse pills. No nausea. No problems.

The Pod


Your prenatal pod holds 31 servings of foil-sealed vitamin powder.

The Dispenser


Our Wi-Fi connected Tespo Connect dispenser makes the perfect (vita)shot every time.

The App


Track your compliance and earn cash for every serving with Tespo Rewards.

What's Inside



We give you encapsulated iron, that's flavorless and much easier on the stomach.



We give you zinc, in its purest form, for cell growth and heightened absorption.



We give you premium methylated folate (instead of the synthetic folic acid) for better bioavailability – and fast.



We give you premium methylated B12 so your body can get right to the good stuff, without converting.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About the System

Our Wi-Fi connected vitamin dispenser provides you and your baby with the nutritional goodness needed for a happy, healthy pregnancy, while our app gives you the power to track your compliance and routine. Just add water to the tank, insert your pod, press a button and watch your formula dispense right before your eyes. Best part is, we'll pay you each time you take your vitamins.

Fast Facts

Why No Pills?

Without the pills, we can skip the fillers, artificial additives and bring your the purest ingredients without the side effects. This way, we can bring you higher absorption, which means you get what you need fast.

What's It Taste Like?

You can expect a mild citrus flavor, similar to orange. Think Tang, but not as sweet.

What's In It?

Tespo Prenatal is a comprehensive prenatal formula packed with everything you need, and nothing you don't. That means all the essential nutrients needed to support you and your baby.

Product Suggestions

Gen 2 Dispenser

Gen 2 Dispenser



Starting at $45.00 / month


$30.00 / month

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